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Laminitis claims the lives of thousands of horses and ponies each year and doesn’t discriminate in its choice of victims. It can claim the performance horse as quickly as the backyard pony, and is responsible for the premature loss of such greats as the seemingly invincible Secretariat. Please help us find a cure for this terrible disease. The Animal Health Foundation needs your contribution to continue funding laminitis research. You can make a difference. Give today.

The goal of the Animal Heath Foundation is to unravel the "Trigger Factors" of Laminitis. AHF began as a group of horse lovers and owners who wanted to make a difference by establishing the AHF in 1984 to fund laminitis research. We are not-for-profit, have no paid employees and are all volunteers. Donations to the AHF are tax deductible. Contributors can be assured your contribution truly works directly toward the goal. The administrative costs incurred by the AHF are below 4% annually. All administrative costs are paid for by the board of Directors, so 100% of what you donate will go directly to fund laminitis research.

Previous recipients of AHF grants include:
  • Dr. Chris Pollitt, University of Queensland, Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit
  • Dr. Melody De Laat, Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr. Martin Sillence, Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr. Nick Frank, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University
  • Dr. Phil Johnson, University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Kathryn Watts, BS, Rocky Mountain Research, Colorado
  • Dr. Samantha Brooks, Brooks Equine Genetics Laboratory, Cornell University (now at the University of Florida)
  • Dr. Steve Adair, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • Dr. Tom Goetz, University of Illinois
  • Dr. Harold Garner, University of Missouri
  • Dr. John Bertram, Cornell University
  • Dr. Eleanor Green, University of Missouri (now at Texas A&M University)

    (Some researchers have changed universities since their AHF grants)

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Would you like to remember a special horse on the AHF Laminitis Memorial Wall?

Join horse owners from all over the world who have added horses'  and owners' names (and photos!) to the growing list.

How to add a horse to the Laminitis Memorial Wall:

1. Make a normal donation with the PayPal link above (or send a check by mail);
2. Make a note on the donation form that you have a horse to add to the Memorial Wall.
3. Either send an email after using PayPal or include a note with your check giving the human name and horse name you would like to see listed.

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AHF Secretariat Prints
Triple Crown winner Secretariat, one of the greatest race horses of all times, was humanely destroyed on October 4, 1989, to release him from suffering of Laminitis.  The Animal Health Foundation dedicates its efforts to his memory and to all victims of laminitis.  Signed and numbered prints of Secretariat by renowned equine artist Helen Hayes of Lexington, Kentucky, will be awarded to all donors of $250 or more.