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The story of the Animal Health Foundation

The goal of the Animal Health Foundation (AHF) is to find the cause and way to prevent laminitis-founder complex in horses. The foundation donates funds to major researchers in the field of laminitis. AHF also offers information to help horse owners prevent their horses from becoming victims of the painful, crippling disease.

The all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization, located in the St. Louis, Missouri area, has no paid employees. Because the organization’s board of directors personally pays all administrative costs, all other donations received from the public go directly to fund work on laminitis.

The foundation feels it is very important for the public to recognize that contributors are truly making a difference by helping to directly fund the important work currently taking place in laminitis research today. Previous recipients of grants from the Animal Health Foundation include:
  • Dr. Chris Pollitt, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Dr. Phil Johnson, University of Missouri
  • Kathryn Watts, Rocky Mountain Research, Center, Colorado
  • Dr. Samantha Brooks, Cornell University
  • Dr. Steve Adair, University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Tom Goetz, University of Illinois
  • Dr. Harold Garner, University of Missouri
  • Dr. John Bertram, Cornell University
  • Dr. Eleanor Green, University of Missouri
The Animal Health Foundation needs contributions today to fund the fight against one of the most painful equine diseases. It claims the lives of thousands of horses and ponies, and does not discriminate by age, sex or breed. Progress is steadily being made in understanding laminitis-that is why it is so important to continue the work and to try to make a difference.

Dr. Donald Walsh, DVM
Dr. Donald Walsh was raised on a horse farm off Melrose Road on the border of St. Louis and Franklin Counties in Missouri. He spent his summers showing American Saddlebreds at country fairs.

He graduated from the veterinary school of the University of Missouri - Columbia in 1969 and began practicing medicine in St. Louis and shortly thereafter at the Creve Coeur Animal Hospital. A year later he opened the Ellisville Animal Clinic, treating small and large animals out of a building on Clarkson Road. In 1985, an associate took over the small animal practice, and Walsh moved the horse practice to its current site in Pacific, MO, naming it Homestead. He focused on horses about 10 years then expanded again to small animals.

Don and Diana Walsh have two adult children. The Walsh's four-legged entourage include nine dogs, and several horses including Dakota Sundance (pictured above).

2015 Officers

Chairman – 
Don Walsh

President -- 
Mark Cassells

Vice-President -- Mike Morgan

Secretary/Treasurer -- Diana Walsh

2015 Board of Directors

Laura Balding
Katy Cassells
Mark Cassells
Larry Condie
Mary Ellenberger
Tom Ellenberger
Dawn Elswick
Sarah Goos
Beth Harrison
Bill Hausman
Tom Henrion
Trish Henrion
Fran Jurga
Kelly Maue
Mike Maue
DJ Moore
Anne Morgan
Mike Morgan
Barbara Sterling
JJ Stupp
Bonnie Swanstrom
Matt Swanstrom
Diana Walsh
Don Walsh

Emeritus Board of Directors
David Balding
Betty and Ed Beyers
Karen and Rich Gentry
Wayne Kennedy
George Menos
Mary Ann and John Virant
Lynn Weatherman