Monday, October 5, 2015

Celebrate 30 Years of Laminitis Research and Education with the Animal Health Foundation on October 24

30th Anniversay Celebration of Animal Health Foundation
Saturday, October 24
5:30pm - 10pm
The Sheldon Concert Hall

Recognize the gallant efforts of this organization with a celebratory awards dinner, silent auction and enjoy excellent entertainment by internationally-recognized jazz singer, Denise Thimes! 

Ladue News Article

What is Laminitis?

Laminitis is a painful, inflammatory condition affecting horses. The laminae begin to deteriotate and this results in the destruction of the normal blood supply, causing severe pain to the horse.
To compound this issue, a common result of laminitis, known as Founder, causes the coffin bone within the foot to "rotate" downward, putting pressure on the sole of the foot, sometimes even puncturing it.

Who is AHF?

AHF is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization, located in the St. Louis, MO area. Our primary goal is to find a way to prevent laminitis and founder complications in horses.
To that end, we donate funds to major researchers in the field of laminitis. Because the organization’s board of directors personally pays all administrative costs, all other donations received from the public go directly to fund work on laminitis.
The damage to their feet prevents them from running and moving in herds, grazing, fleeing from threats or competing. When horses lose their physical abilities, they also lose their spirits to live.
Laminitis doesn't discriminate. A top-level performance horse can be as easily affected as a beloved backyard pony. Laminitis is responsible for the premature loss of the legendary and seemingly invincible Secretariat.