Friday, March 2, 2012

Equine Laminitis 2012 Update: Now with Video!

New updated Laminitis videos are now posted on our website. Five concise, free, non-commercial videos from the non-profit Animal Health Foundation offer the latest practical and scientific information to help you help your horse avoid or overcome laminitis in its many forms. Your host: Donald Walsh, DVM, founder of the Foundation and a practicing veterinarian who specializes in laminitis and founder.

After viewing these videos you should have a good working knowledge of what laminitis is and the different pathways that lead to the disease. You will also learn what you should do if your horse develops laminitis as well as managing your horse if he has laminitis. You will also learn the most current information on how to prevent your horse from developing laminitis.

Taking the time (36min) to view these 5 videos may actually save your horse’s life.

Equine Laminitis 2012 Update

Part One: Introduction to Laminitis (1:30)

Part Two: Understanding Equine Laminitis (6:10)

Part Three: What Can You Do If Your Horse Has "Acute" Laminitis? (7:02)

Part Four: Chronic Laminitis and Founder (11:31)

Part Five: Prevent Laminitis in Your Horse (10:39)

View and share the Full Playlist from here: Equine Laminitis 2012 Update Playlist

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We hope you enjoy the videos and pass them on to anyone you think would benefit!